Your Portrait Session

What to Expect!

Once we agree on your photography requirements we set up a time for your Session.


Usually I would come to your home, or a place that is dear to you.  It can be your work place too.  This is because you will be most at ease in your own familiar environment and also surrounded by the symbols of things that are important to you, that can be included in the photos.


This way you best get to connect to your dreams, vision, purpose for your life and this is then reflected in your photos that you can share with your world.

(At this point I think it important to add – that even though you have booked your photo session with me and part of you is excited and in anticipation, you may get a touch of the ‘butterflies’ the day or days before the date and perhaps even want to ‘chicken’ out!  A lot of people have this experience – seems it is the unconscious resistance of your old self to change and letting in a greater expanded version of yourself. But please keep your commitment to yourself.  You won’t regret it !)

You Can have a photo session just because you Can…There doesn’t have to be a major reason to do so, other than celebrating yourself.


Back to your Session. Depending on what your require, a Session can last between 1 hour and say 2 1/2 hours.   You can have several changes of clothes/moods/accessories during this time and move between different locations within your environment or place of choice.  That way we get a lot of different ‘looks’ and ‘flavours’ of you.

Sometimes people choose to come to me and that is possible too for a variety of reasons.  However, I do not work in a studio.


After your session you will receive all your photos – average around 350 images – on a memory stick with a folder of my favourites pre-selected and edited for easier viewing for you.   I am happy to view the photos with you too.  Because this is an important part of the experience – to allow a new version of yourself into your consciousness !

My clients love their photos and generally have a large number to use for their various needs.  They also say that the experience of being photographed – taking the time to spend celebrating themselves – is equal to the end result !

thumb_DSC_0224_1024 2

You might also like to have group photos, either with your partner and/or your family and children.  I love with working with groups and bringing out the best in everyone…



Give yourself this Gift and call me today ! thumb_DSC_0167_1024


See Products for further options of what you can do with your photos.