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“The pictures Ankya took of me took my breath away. I had no idea I looked that good. I fell in love with myself properly for the first time – at 65. I’ve had professional photographs taken before but Ankya’s promise of a “Transformational Photography Experience where together we capture the essence of You.” Is not hype. She really has captured my essence and, as i said, I love it.

It was easy and fun being photographed by Ankya. She made me feel so easy and relaxed from the start that I think the third picture she took of me is my all time favourite, but it is incredibly hard to choose which ones I like best. I was able to be serious, funny, sexy and whole. Thank you Ankya from the bottom of my heart. It really has been transformational.”

Rosie Kaplan

Funeral Celebrant, Artist and Accountability Coach







“I want to thank you for the most amazing photo shoot of my life!Goddess Beverley

I felt so “me” and at ease…… feeling as though you absolutely knew me, and could sense very naturally and intuitively, all aspects and dimensions of who I am… even more than I was aware of consciously.

You did this in such a joyful and playful way the whole session was immensely enjoyable.”

Beverley De Vere

Transference Healing® Practitioner and Teacher @






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“Having a photo shoot can sometimes feel like going to the dentist. Ankya turns that completely around. She is so much fun, playful and when she says she’s there to capture the spirit or essence of her subject, she’s right on target. Ankya makes the ‘photo shoot’ a ‘photo play’. She brings out the best in you, so you really shine as you truly are. Wrinkles and all! I loved working with Ankya, and if you’re hesitating. Don’t. Just book her!”

Trudy Johnston

Founder and Creative Director @ Vim & Zest Communications


“I am usually self-conscious around a camera but the session was so easy and deeply enjoyable – which was a surprise!

The resulting photos are so precious – and have actually strengthened and affirmed the many facets of who I really am at a soul level.

Interestingly, they also revealed to me my many ‘lifetimes’ from around the globe and I see the eternal nature of my spirit. This has connected me more solidly with my authentic power and wisdom.

The medicine of the process has been filtering through me and working on me. Subtle and very powerful! and its still going.

Thank you Ankya for this experience…and this beautiful chronicle of a moment in my life! A great gift.

Sarah-Jane Potts
Vision In Action, Empowering Your Community


” I recently needed to have photos taken for publicity and for my long overdue web site. My problem is I hate having my photo taken. I am ridiculously self conscious in front of a camera and have always found the process excruciating. Thus, the photos have always tended to be ‘stiff’. So when my friend Ankya offered to take some photos, promising me that she’d make it fun and I’d even enjoy it, I somewhat reluctantly agreed.

Suffice to say that she didn’t lie. With all our laughing I soon relaxed into the process and she got some really good shots that I will be happy to use.

A consummate professional Ankya is exceptionally good at her job. She clearly enjoys being behind the camera to capture the essence of a person and makes sure you enjoy the process along with her. The proof of her success is in the extraordinary final product.”

Dr Denise Leith
Best-selling Author and Honorary Associate Department of Politics and International Relations Macquarie University Sydney


"I've had portraits taken of me over the years, but nothing as good as this one in its composition and expression. Ankya has an amazing eye and a Zen-like talent for being so present that her work is illuminated with Presence, something very different from contrivance. This is her particular genius—and I mean genius ! It will feature in my selected poetry book In Essence due from Watkins UK next year." ~ Jay Ramsay, poet & psychospiritual psychotherapist

“I’ve had portraits taken of me over the years, but nothing as good as this one in its composition and expression. Ankya has an amazing eye and a Zen-like talent for being so present that her work is illuminated with Presence, something very different from contrivance. This is her particular genius—and I mean genius ! It will feature in my selected poetry book In Essence due from Watkins UK next year.”

Jay Ramsay

Poet & psychospiritual psychotherapist



“Imagine my happy surprise when out of a sense of quiet confusion on my part, what would we do, how would it work, Ankya walked in and was able to create within minutes a number of possibilities for my Transformational Photo Session which fired my imagination and, encouraging me all the way, she then proceeded to lead the photo shoot with the lightest of hands, the gentlest of creative suggestions, whilst at the same time maintaining focus, photographing myriads, and bringing a playful sense of freedom and within all that, a genuine honouring and acknowledgement of She Who Is Me.

An unanticipated joy has followed the completion of the photo shoot and (fast) delivery of photos for appraisal. I see now that a precious time in my life has been recorded forever, and already I am amazed that I could ever have considered Not making this beautiful event occur!

I trust Ankya’s creative skills, abilities and vision implicitly, and her professionalism is abundantly clear.

I can only recommend that anyone choosing to invest in a Transformational Photography session, will come away with much much more than a series of very lovely photographs.”

Helen Tracey

Adara An D’Rianna
Unified Field Coach
Sebastopol, Sonoma County, CA

“Ankya, my photo session with you took me by surprise. I didn’t expect to see myself the way your photos portray me, and it gave me a very unique insight into the truth about who I am being. Your intuition in asking the right questions to evoke little sparks of who I am amazed me. And that you captured those sparks in your photos is truly sensational! This experience has opened me up to a whole new way of using photos to portray who I really am, to myself and to the world. I am so grateful for this experience with you, Ankya!”

Stacey Barr
The Performance Measure Specialist


Dr. Cristy Emerson
Chiropractor, Nutritionist and Kinesiologist

“A photographic session with Ankya is a unique and magical experience. Ankya makes you feel totally at ease and manages to capture images that are honest, real and beautiful. I have a background in glossy magazines where everything is styled within an inch of its life. However, Ankya’s photography brings out an authentic quality I’ve rarely seen elsewhere. So many corporate headshots of entrepreneurs lack soul – Ankya’s photographic process helps you find yours.”

Valerie Khoo


“When I was being photographed by Ankya, I felt a deep sense of trust, care and love.

Ankya has the capacity to put the person before her in a state of deep relaxation as she lets the photo session unfold at her subject’s favoured speed.

I truly felt the feminine energy emerge in a powerful way, as Ankya took me from self-consciousness to self-love, from awkwardness to Oneness.

I can’t recommend Ankya highly enough, to anyone ready to embrace the Divine within …. or to anyone willing to witness who they truly are … in body, mind and spirit …. for the very first time, through the lens of a camera.

Thank you Ankya. You have a unique and Universal gift to offer.”

Gael McKenzie

Coach & Holistic Wellbeing Consultant

Give Yourself the Gift of a Transformational Photography Experience with Ankya

“Ankya is an intuitive and creative photographer, able to effortlessly capture the authentic and beautiful nature in those she photographs. In the time I spent with Ankya I felt comfortable and completely in her care, it was inspiring and enjoyable spending the time with her. The results were fantastic – in the short time we had together she was able to capture images that I absolutely love. The experience and the results are a winning combination, thanks Ankya”

Belinda Jackson
Passionate Online Marketing Coach to Solo-Professionals & Small Business

A photograph often says as much about the relationship between the subject and the photographer as it does about the subject alone. Ankya has a magical energy that makes you feel very special and also in-tune with your spirituality when she is photographing you. Looking at the photos she created she seems to have captured something of the essence of me. This is a unique skill and I am very grateful for her vision.”

Janet Beckers